Apple Tartlet Roses

I’ve been seeing these online lately and I wanted to try something special for the early Thanksgiving my parents had this weekend. Prepping these definitely took forever, but they definitely delivered on the wow factor.



I basically followed my original deep-dish cast iron skillet apple pie recipe, cut down on the sugar, and omitted the minute tapioca and flours in the filling. Oh, and I took about an hour slicing the apples super thin. If you’re planning to try this, I’d strongly suggest investing in a mandolin slicer, unless you’re looking to augment your arm workout…

The trick was to soak the thinly sliced apples in a solution of water (about two cups) and the juice of one lemon as I was cutting them. This softens the apple slices to make them malleable. One suggestion was to add a few tablespoons of bourbon for flavor into this solution (I can’t wait to try that variation!). While most videos built the roses from the center out, I found it was easier to place my apples along the outer crust and work my way in. You can experiment and see what works better for you.

I would also suggest just rolling your crust pretty thin, or even using a graham cracker crust to compliment the delicate apples. You could even play with a dulce de leche drizzle on top after their baked to give it a nice finish. I’d love to hear what variations you come up with. Happy spooning!


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