I get food visions. Inspirations, aspirations, and premonitions of flavor and texture combinations that I need to make a reality. Soon. There’s usually a sense of urgency that accompanies my food visions, like children antsy to get out and play. Visions of pumpkin-filled ravioli, mocha chunk crispy cookies, and coconut curry chicken dance through my head.

IMAG2012The food visions come and go as they please, but they come with incredible specificity. Sometimes it’s a single dish, sometimes they’re full on five-course meals. Oftentimes my food vision will appear in the form of some sugar-coma inducing dessert. But I try to keep it healthy or find a way to make something healthier. I try. Whole wheat sun-dried tomato pasta, yogurt chocolate chip scones, apple-ginger pie with the apples stacked almost a foot high…

IMAG1098This blog chronicles my food visions in their journey in to reality. Hopefully this blog inspires you to conjure up some food visions of your own, or at least to grab a spoon and dig in!


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